Markets We Serve

Our Technicians Make A Difference Across Canada

Service Experts Commercial HVAC is uniquely structured to address the geographical and administrative requirements of a multi-location national client such as your customer base.


Our clients can request service 24 hours per day, seven days per week and 365 days per year either by e-mail or by dialling our convenient 1-800 number.


Highly trained and skilled mechanics keep equipment properly maintained and look for areas that restrict the optimum performance of the systems. Set up customized Service Experts Maintenance Agreements (PMA’s) with set schedule maintenance that shows ongoing repairs, recommendations to improve performance.


Mechanical systems have standard life expectancies. By planning for eventual replacement while considering the equipment history reports that we generate, and watching the energy efficiency of the existing equipment, we make capital cost recommendations that show break-even points and additional benefits.


As experts in HVAC mechanical systems, we often notice conditions that could improve or reduce operating costs or maximize personal comfort. When combined with rising energy costs, new technologies, and other current events, our role as mechanical consultants becomes more important to our customers.