What is involved in a whole-home humidifier installation and maintenance?

Installing a humidifier is generally a straightforward job when, at the same time, you change out your furnace. But you can also have a humidifier integrated in to your existing heating and cooling system. Periodic cleaning and draining of the reservoir is strongly recommended to maintain the machinery By adding a whole-home humidifier to your HVAC system, you can alter humidity levels by way of your thermostat. You will have the ability to place the humidity to any level you want without being bothered about powering the system on and off. When the heating season concludes, your humidifier can be drained and powered off until it is needed much later in the year. The only maintenance your humidifier should need can be performed by your Service Experts technician during your seasonal HVAC tune-ups. Call 905-453-6700 for more information about humidifier maintenance or for a free estimate on a new humidification system.