Which type of Air conditioner solution is right for my commercial facility?

Finding an HVAC system for your commercial buildings does not have to be a complicated process, with the help from Service Experts we make the process painless. Various shapes and sizes of the commercial building have different needs when it comes to heating and cooling. So, once we know your specific needs, we can help find you the right system for your building.

We strive to provide our customers with comprehensive information that allows the customer to make informed decisions. Below we will go over a brief guide to help our customers understand the various types of Commercial HVAC systems that are available and the ideal situations in which these systems can be utilized.

Split/Multi-Split System

The name split system originated due to the fact the system configuration comes is split into two parts; an Outdoor Unit and an Indoor Unit. The two work together to bring hot and cool air into the desired area. These systems are ideal for small storefronts, smaller medical offices and cafes. The compact system is easy to install, and this is why it is preferred for new buildings or renovated commercial spaces.

A multi-split system is similar to a single split but the main difference being a multi-split has serval indoor units and one external unit that is bigger because it’s supplying more area than a single one. The two systems are otherwise identical in terms of operations it’s just that a single-split system is more ideal for smaller commercial settings. While a multi-split is more useful in larger settings and requires more piping in the installation process, the outcome results in no ductwork. So there are many pros & cons to consider when going the Split/Multi-Split System route.

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) or Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

VRF and VRV systems are set up like multi-split systems but differ on the operating side. These kinds of systems are ideal in larger commercial settings, they are configured in a way that allows temporal difference throughout different rooms in a facility.

VRF systems that are configured with heat pumps supplying heating and cooling at any given moment, and are ideal for facilities such as warehouses where it is one open area. Heat recovery VRF systems work similarly but are more ideal for an office setting as occupants in one room can cool and the occupant next door can heat simultaneously. A heat recovery VRF system takes wasted heat or cool air from other areas and delivers heat or cooling to where it’s needed, which makes it more attractive for larger commercial applications because they are highly efficient. Some other advantages of VRV & VRF include a non-nuisance and easy installation process. The main drawback of going with a VRV & VRF system is that when or if something breaks in the system, the whole system will be down causing an incontinence.

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

A VAV system is a common type of HVAC zoning system seen in many commercial settings and is probably what is supplying heating and cooling to your office that you’re currently reading this blog from. VAV systems keep the temperature constant while the volume of airflow is set to a varied rate. Similar to VRV systems, VAV systems allow different zones to operate at different temperatures all while being supplied air from the same ventilation system. This type of system is ideal when different rooms within a commercial facility experience different heating & cooling loads, for example, a server room will demand a larger cooling load than a room with people working in it. A VAV system is installed within the ductwork and the cooling and heating is supplied by a packaged rooftop unit.

Service Experts are here to help make the process of finding and installing a new commercial HVAC system easy. We understand that every building has different needs, so we take the time to learn about your specific situation before recommending a solution. Once we know what you need, we can help find the perfect unit for your business. Contact us today, and let us show you how easy it is to get the Right Commercial HVAC unit for your business.

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