Signs it’s Time For a New Commercial HVAC System

Are you reading this and wondering why you are hearing a weird noise coming from the vents above your desk? The cold Canadian winters and extremely humid summers can be harsh on Commercial HVAC systems. There are a few signs you can catch that will indicate that your system needs to be replaced, which a professional or a normal person with no HVAC knowledge can identify after reading this blog. Here are some important signs to keep a lookout for that indicate it’s time for a new Commercial HVAC system.

Decreased efficiency

    • If you are noticing an abnormal surge in your facilities’ utility expenses, it’s most likely an indication a component of the commercial HVAC system is failing and causing the overall system to work harder to maintain normal conditions. When In a situation where your system is experiencing an efficiency loss, can indicate it’s time for a new and more efficient HVAC system for your commercial setting.

Unexplained variations in temperature

    • If you or an employee are noticing random changes in temperature within your commercial facility, or different areas are cooler/hotter than other areas, this can be a sign that something within your existing system isn’t performing at an optimal level and it’s time to investigate and change it.

Abnormal noises or odors

    • A most definite sign it’s time for a new Commercial HVAC system is when odors and noises can be heard from the vents or in areas around the mechanical room. When it comes to odors being expelled from the HVAC system, it’s a huge problem as it compromises the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your working space. Sometimes noise can be the culprit of the smell, such as a burnt motor or electrical wiring short. So it’s always a good idea to handle these issues in a timely manner before it becomes a bigger issue. In most cases, regular maintenance can locate the problem or identify failing parts that need to be replaced.

Equipment is approaching manufacturers expected life expectancies

    • All commercial HVAC manufacturers place a life expectancy of 15-20 years on most equipment. When you’re current commercial HVAC system is approaching or is that old, it’s time to get a new one. Letting the existing equipment run past the expected life expectancy can lead to much more costly repairs and damage. We here at Service Experts Commercial HVAC are here to help, offering flexible Commercial financing deals to get you into a new commercial HVAC system in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way.

Visible signs of failure

    • Any visible signs such as rust on equipment or parts, condensation on walls and windows and lastly any leaks from vents or pipes in and around your commercial HVAC equipment. Repetitive repairs can also be a visible sign of failure as having multiple repairs on the same equipment will eat away at your business overhead.

If your business or facility is experiencing any of these issues listed above; reach out to the experts at Service Experts commercial HVAC. With our Advantage program, we can get you into new, top of the line & efficient HVAC equipment that won’t break your business’s bank. To find out more check out the Commercial Advantage program.

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