How Can a Humidification Unit Increase Facility Comfort?

When the temperature starts to drop in North America, it’s more than likely you’ll start to feel the effects of the colder weather quicker than you think. With colder weather comes drier air for both outside conditions and indoor spaces like your office, warehouse & storefront. During this time it is curial measures are put in to place ensure your business is comfortable for occupants coming and going during these times.

Colder weather makes it more difficult for the air to hold moisture and most of the discomfort people experience in the colder months is attributed to low levels of moisture in the air or more commonly known as humidity. Have a humidification unit installed whether that be already in your rooftop unit or placed in your facility located in a place where it can help maintain a humidity level that is comfortable for all occupants. Indoor humidity levels in the colder months for a place like Toronto, Ontario should range from 25% and 50%. Here’s some information on how adding a humidification unit into your system can benefit facility comfort.

Keeps facility warm, efficiently.

    • The drier the air is inside the colder it will be, but if the air has moisture in it via a humidification unit your facility will keep temperatures at a consistent level effortlessly. Having a humidification unit will in turn cause less strain on your heating system because the air will hold moisture and warmth much more efficiently.

Prevent the spread of influenza

    • A study done in 2009 by the National Academy of Science found that humidity plays a role in the spread of influence in the colder months. When the air is dry, the study found that influenza is more transmissible and said to survive longer than in a place with balanced humidity. Having humidification measure in place will ensure the spread and survival of viruses carrying influenza will have no chance and create an environment where influenza won’t spread, ensuring comfort and safety for all occupants.

Soothe, protect & improve general health

    • Dry air can make it difficult to breathe causing your sinuses and throat to become dry, leading to discomfort. Humidity control offers a remedy for these common issues we face in the colder months. Having a humidifier in your facility can help maintain an acceptable level of moisture in the facility and can avoid these common nuisances that impede on workers’ productivity. Let’s not forget, lips and skin are most vulnerable to dryness from moisture loss, having a humidifier will aid a lot in keeping the skin and lips from cracking.

Offers help with breathing

    • Having a comfortable humidity level in your facility will offer occupants effortless breathing by easing asthma and allergy symptoms. For this reason alone many people install humidification units to help with allergies and asthma because the moisture in the air subside symptoms.

Hopefully, we have helped you understand humidity and in turn, will make your work space more comfortable after reading this blog. Although it’s important to understand how humidity affects comfort levels, it is also important to know that too much moisture or humidity in your facility’s air can be just as harmful as having far too dry air. There is a sweet spot that every facility has to feel the benefits of a humidifier. We install humidifiers on a regular basis for many different solutions, whether that be for improving comfort, or improving indoor air quality. Humidifiers play a diverse role in improving comfort and we would love to show the role & benefits a humidifier plays in your facility today. Contact us today, we have a qualified team of experts eager to deliver you comfort!

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