Commercial heating starts up- tips & guidelines from the Experts.

When your HVAC systems have been turned off during the cooling or summer seasons, you can expect that they may not run at an optimal level of efficiency as before. There could debris in the system like bugs, insects, dirt and leaf’s etc. There is a general misconception about the process in which you should make the transition from cooling to the heating season. Starting your commercial HVAC units up for the heating season should be done by an experienced licensed HVAC tech. It doesn’t happen by just a flipping of a switch, doing so can cause dangerous unforeseen issues. So, it’s recommended by the manufacturer and governing gas utility companies that gas-fired heating equipment be serviced every year. You should always call the trusted experts at Service Experts before turning the system on.

The long winters in Ontario can take a toll on your commercial heating equipment. When it comes time to switch the system over to heating from cooling, it’s always a good idea to have a professional do it. Ideally, when it comes to this type of transition it’s always recommended to have your commercial HVAC contractor perform preventative maintenance on the equipment. This will ensure the equipment is okay following the cooling season and is in working order to supply heat throughout the winter. Calling the experts to perform preventative maintenance is an easy action that can catch problems early on before it gets too cold causing you to lose heat in the middle of the winter.

Commercial heating units and equipment are quite complex and is recommended to leave it to the professional, especially rooftop units that are dangerous to gain access to. With that being said there are a few things you can do to make the technician’s life a little bit easier. Things like knowing where access to the unit is, clearing the area around the access to the unit/ladder to the roof, and knowing the last time service was done on the unit is a great pieces of information to relay to the technician.

When the time comes to call and book your preventive maintenance or your heating startup with Service Experts commercial HVAC you can expect the following activities to be carried out;

    • The technician will inspect ventilation and combustion air openings and louvres
    • Evaluation of operating characteristics of the system per manufacturer specifications, like; manifold gas pressures, temperature drop/rise through the system.
    • Checking all heat exchangers for cracks, holes and leaks etc.
    • Code violations and safety concerns

The startup service is offered for the heating to cooling season transition and follows a similar procedure. This service is also available for the startup of newly installed equipment or existing equipment that hasn’t been startup in a while. Give the experts a call and we will happily help cater to your needs. Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.

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