Providing Expert HVAC Service Across Canada

Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning provides national HVAC coverage across Canada. We have self-performing HVAC technicians as well as service providers delivering nationwide HVAC retrofits, maintenance, service, audits and energy consulting.

Multi-site heating and cooling preventive maintenance, emergency service and retrofits are our core competency. Whether you need engineering services to correct an HVAC design issue, preventive maintenance to reduce HVAC repairs, or your air conditioning units replaced with high efficiency HVAC; we consistently provide expedited HVAC repair and turnkey retrofits that create winning customer comfort experiences. Some clients need something more unique, perhaps an HVAC energy audit or startup and commissioning of newly installed air conditioning units tied in with an energy management system. Whatever the problem, we can provide a comfort solution for heating and air conditioning challenges. Your team deserves to work with the experts. Trust Engineering Excellence to keep you and your sites comfortable with minimal interruption, reduced expenses and timely communication.

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