Commercial IAQ

The best way to meet and exceed Indoor environment COVID Protocols

Employees and customers are your most valuable asset, let them know that you care about them by implementing indoor air quality procedures from Service Experts and have comfort knowing that your most valued assets are safe from airborne contaminants.

The quality of air in a workplace or business is determined by the presence of harmful airborne containments in a contained area or atmosphere.

Poor indoor Air quality in your workplace can be caused by inadequate ventilation and environmental processes going on in and around your workplace.

Your HVAC system plays a vital role in containing the spread of contaminants like COVID-19 and other bacteria which can have devastating effects on employees and customer health and overall business operations.

Improving various aspects of your existing HVAC system can improve your safety. Along with ensuring your equipment meets today’s minimum IAQ standards.

Determine if your business is prepared for reopening to full capacity. Know the importance of IAQ and implementing solutions fitted for your building’s needs.

Different environments call for different IAQ solutions. Leave it to the Experts.

Service Experts will work with you to fully evaluate your IAQ needs. We will evaluate your Indoor environment and provide an actionable list of recommendation along with what code and standards are relevant to your business.

70% of IAQ issues stem from inadequate ventilation. Buildings need fresh air to avoid sick building syndrome and keep occupants healthy. If you feel this is the case for your indoor environment, contact Service Experts we would be more than happy to come and evaluate your indoor environment and recommend actions to improve the quality of air within your indoor space. ASHRAE 62.1 and ASHRAE

We offer:

Air flow solutions

Filtration Solutions

UV light & Plasma solutions

Air quality is a serious issue for your business

Why not invest in the protection of your employees and customers? Service Experts makes it easy!

We are now renting portable air purifiers to help improve the indoor air quality within your business.

With the presence of COVID-19, Service Experts is offering an innovative service that will clean your air within a contained space and do so in an efficient manner.

Service Experts commercial HVAC offer scalable rental options that can cater to any size indoor environment from a waiting room or entrance of a business to large building such as a retail space or office. It’s important to understand what options are available to your business and how to use them in a cost effective manner. Service Experts is your go to Indoor air quality expert.

Air Changes per Hour (ACH)

Severity of Air Contamination

*level of air cleaning capacity is dependent on Cubic Feet of area (CFM)*






Office Space, Computer rooms, Waiting room.





Conference room, Medical Offices, Classrooms.





Isolated medical procedure room, Conference centers, Auditoriums, Manufacturing warehouse.