Find out if your commercial HVAC equipment is eligible for Energy Rebates.

Being a consensus consumer when it comes to energy usage is something that should be rewarded. When it comes to the commercial or industrial setting having energy-efficient HVAC systems and mechanical components is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Energy rebates and retrofit programs exist to reward those who install energy-efficient equipment within a facility. Here are some Energy rebates that your business should look into to see if they apply to your business and existing equipment. If you have recently replaced or are thinking of installing a new commercial HVAC system be on the lookout for these retrofit programs as they compensate you for integrating energy-efficient equipment and can lower the overall cost of the project in the long run. These rebates only apply to businesses located in Ontario.

Save on Energy Retrofit program

Designed to help Ontario businesses save energy, reduce costs and increase productivity. This province-wide initiative offers financial incentives for equipment upgrades that reduce facility electricity consumption. This program covers lighting, HVAC, and other mechanical equipment. For example, if you replace an aging RTU that supplies your business, you may be eligible to receive an incentive if the application is granted, with that being said rebates and incentives vary depending on the size of the project. The new RTU you wish to install has to be a predefined energy-efficiency unit identified by Save on Energy. The maximum incentive amount is up to 50% of Eligible Project Costs, to a maximum of $1,000,000 per application. So if you are planning to change your existing commercial HVAC equipment reach out to Service Experts and will happily help you save even more on your business’s utility bills along with outlining the relevant rebates and incentives your business can receive for installing energy-efficient HVAC equipment.

Demand Response

Demand response offers organizations improvements in the reliability and flexibility of the electricity grid while adding capacity and lowering power system costs. Enrolling in this energy rebate program will encourage businesses to shift their electricity use from peak hours to off-peak hours to reduce demand on the grid while reducing their energy costs. To find out more contact your region’s energy provider to see if you qualify for this rebate.

Manufacturer Rebates

Not all but most HVAC manufacturers offer customers rebates as incentives for purchasing their energy-efficient equipment. If you are in the market for a new Commercial HVAC system and other components, research whether the manufacturers offer rebates on equipment before moving forward. Doing so will ensure you get your business gets the right Commercial HVAC system at the right price, using manufacturer rebates.

When it comes to rebates and incentives, there are many various options to explore that will save you money, along with increasing your facilities’ energy efficiency. Here at Service Experts, We’ll help you choose HVAC equipment that offers the best value, the most return, and the most achievable energy efficiency rebates.

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